Clipping Path And Clipping Mask

Clipping Path and Clipping mask is called as a vector masking process which highlights the specified areas and hides not needed areas so as to conceal the background of the image so as to transform it into the desired shape or color of the background. We ‘Edit the Image’ have certified skilled labours who work hard in each small detail for your entire satisfaction.

Clipping Path

Once when the clipping paths have been evolved and formatted in graphics program, they can be added along with an image which can be presented, either in the form of an embedded path or an alpha channel. We use Photo shop Pen Tool for drawing vector paths so as to finish the service with a professional look. We only use latest software and editing tools for producing the desired results needed for our client.

Clipping Path Photo Editing Services
Clipping Path Image Editing Services
Clipping Path Image and Photo Editing Services

What we offer in Clipping Path?

‘Edit the Image’ has following types of clipping path services furnished below:

  • Simple/Basic Clipping Path
  • Compound Clipping Path
  • Complex Clipping Path
  • Super Complex Clipping Path

Our best services in clipping path includes,

  • Vector path using the Photo shop pen tool
  • Creation of multiple paths for retouching and correcting the colors
  • Perfect for product shots that are hard edged
  • Options for transparent background, white or any color of your choice

Our service doesn’t end here; we also offer you other feature such as Reflection, Drop shadow and Spotting too. Look at our before-and-after jewellery photo to see the great result that we offer you.

Benefits of Clipping Path

Marketers, Digital Photographers, Advertising Organization, web designing Organization and others can be benefited using this service. We proudly emphasise our services in a fastest and finest manner for any kind of complex clipping path at a cost effective price. Have any enquiry, Call us now! We assure you with our best services.


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